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I felt Redpepper came across really professionally right from start to finish, when the other two consultancies I dealt with were... Read More ยป

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Professional and efficient. Securing a new role through RedPepper was a fantastic experience....

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Fantastic, smooth experience. Working with RedPepper was a ideal...

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Superb! I really enjoyed dealing with Redpepper, it was a really smooth process

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Thanks for all your help. Will recommend you to others.

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about us

We could have used this section to blab a load of jargon about what we do and why we’re great, but then we thought, how boring that would be. So then we thought we’d tell it straight, in plain English.


As a RedPepper Candidate:

> You’ll always know everything that’s going on with your application, from the very first call, to after you’ve started. Which is nice.

> We’ll offer you a selection of great companies to choose from based on what you’ve told us and what money you want to earn. Which is pretty nice too.

As a RedPepper Client:

> We’ll present candidates to you that we believe you’re going to want to see.

> We expect you to want to grab them quickly, because if you don’t, we know they’ll disappear like hot cakes. 

When the other Recruitment companies tell you they’re super dooper – but then let you down, mess you about, take ages to do anything, don’t reply to your emails and messages, can’t find you candidates, or can’t find you a job that you actually really want…


Come to us....We are pretty good. 

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